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Global Express Courier is a leading courier Service that guarantees positive results on time, all the time.

We Are Global Express

We are Global Express Courier Service. Founded in 2015, we are a logistics company with a clearly defined role. We want to ensure that we deliver the packages entrusted to us by our customers on time and in the right way. With scores of local branches and a robust global network, we provide domestic intra and inter-state express delivery services. Our footprints are also clearly visible in the areas of freight forwarding and e-commerce logistics.

How We Operate

Fast Delivery

Our Deliveries are always speedy. We do our best to ensure that we can deliver packages in the shortest possible time.

On Time

For us, our word is our bond. If we tell you your package will be delivered by a particular time, then you can be sure that it will be there at that time. We keep to delivery times at all costs.


All packages are precious to us. We value them and keep them safe and protected. We ensure that they are delivered in one piece, unbroken and undamaged.

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